Beach Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Tips & Ideas

Beach Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Tips & Ideas

Published by Beach House Gift Boutique on Oct 11th 2023

When most people think of the beach, the only images that come to mind are those of summer fun and mid-year vacations. But for a beach lover, white sands and beautiful ocean views are for any time of the year – even Christmas. Naturally, when the holiday season comes around, beach Christmas tree decor is on the agenda. Need help getting started? Here are beach Christmas tree ideas you’re going to want to try to make all of your coastal Christmas dreams come true.

Pick Your Perfect Beach Theme Christmas Tree

sky blue LED Christmas tree

You can’t very well deck the halls without your Christmas tree! As the base of your decorations, the tree you choose is just as important as your ornaments, lights, and other beach themed Christmas decor. Christmas trees should match the beach aesthetic that you’re going for to create the most cohesive look. Do you want a coastal resort feel? Do you want to create your own vibrant, tropical paradise in your living room? Determining your aesthetic will help determine whether you go for a traditional green tree or if you want to try a complete beach color palette with blues, aquas, pinks, and natural wood colors. Don’t forget to add lights if your tree isn’t pre-lit!

Have Fun with Coastal Christmas Ornaments

Shell and sea life Christmas stocking ornaments

Now you’re on to the most fun part: choosing your beach Christmas tree decor! The number one tip to keep in mind with decorating is that you want your beach themed Christmas ornaments to generally stay within the same color theme. For example, if you have a beautiful sea blue beach theme Christmas tree, you’ll want your decor to feature shades of blue, seafoam, and seashell neutrals. 

This is also where you’re going to want to merge the beach theme and Christmas together. How? Mix and match tree ornaments that have beach themes like sea life with Christmas favorites like snowmen and Santa. Make it your own!

Add Complementary Details

flamingo tropical Christmas tree skirt

One beach Christmas tree idea that we love is adding eye-catching details that complement your tree and its decor. Trust us when we say that details can make all the difference in the finishing appearance of your tree. You can also play around with different textures that remind you of the beach like twine and glass. Add Christmas tree accessories, like tropical tree skirts, shimmering tree sprays, tree picks, ribbons, or figurines, that highlight your coastal color palette while still feeling festive. This is also a great trick for helping make your beach theme Christmas tree feel fuller!

Make it Shine with Beach Christmas Decor


If you’ve ever looked enviously at the holiday decor in Christmas movies, you definitely want to add Christmas decor on and off of your tree – just make it beach themed, of course. Like Christmas tree extras, these elements will help your beach theme Christmas tree stand out and shine like you’ve always dreamed. Display beach Christmas tree decor on tabletops or upon a mantel next to your tree, cascade tinsel and garland on the branches of your Christmas tree, or you could even add beach themed hanging or standing signs. Beach Christmas decor and collectibles will make your home feel like a welcoming coastal resort at Christmastime, so get ready for the compliments!

The Coastal Christmas Tree Topper

seahorse Star of Bethlehem Christmas tree topper

You can’t forget the topper! If the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your space, then the topper is the star (sometimes literally!). A tradition dating back hundreds of years and thought to have originated in Europe, Christmas tree toppers add the final touch that essentially kicks off the holiday season. Common choices are angels, stars, and bows, but you can go in any direction you want with your beach theme Christmas tree. 

A few beach Christmas tree ideas to try include tropical toppers that add colors that remind you of the island vibes of summer, sea life toppers, and beautiful angels that highlight the aquamarine, azure, and white sandy colors of your tropical Christmas decor. Again, you want to make sure that this beach Christmas tree decor stays in theme with the aesthetic you’ve chosen. 

Topper Tip: Make sure your topper isn’t too heavy for your tree so it doesn’t weigh it down. If you do end up needing to stabilize it, you can always use pretty ribbons or pipe cleaners to make it stay straight!

Creating a Beach Theme Christmas Tree

You can always feel like you’re on a relaxing beach vacation – even if it’s winter and you’re having a white Christmas. Do the holidays a little differently this year by decorating your Christmas tree and home with some help from the tropical styles in our beach shop. Decorate for any holiday or find the perfect tropical gift at Beach House Gift Boutique!