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Beach Themed Wind Chimes

The wind blows along coastal lands, making wind chimes a must-have outdoor décor to hang around the exterior of your home. We love our coastal wind chimes, especially our mermaid wind chimes, because coastal women believe they are mermaids at heart, swimming in the blue waters, sitting on a rock under the moon, and letting their voices chime in the ocean breeze.

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    We have so many options available, so you can find something that fits your tropical vibes for boutique fashion or coastal living.

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    Mermaid Wind Chimes

    Discover a selection of colorful wind chimes and colorful wind danglers, all with a fun, tropical theme at Beach House Gift Boutique.
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Make Your Backyard an Island Getaway

Accent your outdoor space around your home and patio with beach themed wind chimes. You can hang chimes with flip flops, palm trees, tiki huts, sailboats, or the sun and the moon. Bring the ocean to land with sea life wind chimes, like turtles, starfish, sea shells, jellyfish, sea horses, tropical fish, crabs, dolphins, and mermaid wind chimes. Bring the tropics to your garden décor with tropical birds, like parrots, seagulls, pelicans, herons, or flamingo wind chimes. Keep that tropical theme flowing with bamboo wind chimes or chimes with tropical fruits, like pineapples.  Catch the sun with a glass wind chime that picks up the sun’s rays as it sways in the tropical breeze.

For those women that love the beach, the sun, and the relaxing days that coastal areas offer, hang a coastal wind chime to dangle from your porch. Greet your guests with a fun, mermaid wind chime that has soothing sounds of glass, metal, sea shells, or wood to set the mood before your guests enter your home. And why stop there? Even though wind chimes are meant to be used outdoors, coastal themed wind chimes can make interesting beach house décor and great conversation starters.

Wind Chimes & Wind Danglers

A bouncy spring dangler is a fun addition to hang wherever you would hang a wind chime. They bounce and dangle in the wind but do not make the chiming sound that coastal wind chimes do when the tropical breeze blows. 

If you are looking for an unusual and fun gift, wind chimes and bouncy wind danglers can be intriguing. They are available in many interesting shapes and themes with detailed accents of beads and seashells. There are solar light wind chimes, and some have glow in the dark features. For your favorite mermaid friend who loves everything mermaids, give her a mermaid wind chime! You’ll be on the top of her favorite friends list.

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