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Beach Themed Bracelets

Feel the coastal vibe on your wrist with a tropical bracelet or a sea life bracelet that will move with you as you express yourself throughout your day. When you move your hands, your bracelet moves too and becomes a very noticeable piece of beach jewelry. Choose a bold bracelet you want everyone to see.

  • Tropical beach

    Tropical Beach Resort Theme For Her & Her Home

    We have so many options available, so you can find something that fits your tropical vibes for boutique fashion or coastal living.

  • Quality

    Quality Selection

    We know quality is important, so we make sure to offer you craftsmanship that will last the journey of time. Shop a large selection of products you will love to explore.

  • Worldwide

    Sourced Worldwide

    Our product selection is from designers, artisans, and popular brands from all over the world. Experience unique products from destinations you’ve never been before.

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    Gifts For Women

    We have the best gifts for the travel savvy, resort ready, beach lover, coastal women. Gift cards and gift wrapping are available to complete your gift purchase and make it special.

  • Resort Icon

    The Perfect Gift for Women

    If a sea life, coastal, or a tropical bracelet is something you'd like for yourself or to give as a tropical gift, shop Beach House Gift Boutique for pretty bracelets that are perfect for any resort.
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Express Yourself Through Your Bracelets

There are many choices in bracelet styles and many ways to wear them. You may want a single bracelet, stackable bracelets, or one multi-row bracelet that gives the effect of more than one bracelet but goes on as one. There are delicate, thin bracelets or chunky, wide bracelets. We also carry unique charm bracelets that you can personalize. Wear a tropical bracelet with tropical charms or a sea life bracelet with sea themed charms. There are lots of fun sea life charms to dangle with you as you move about your day.

Find Many Bracelet Styles & Tropical Themes

Some of the most popular bracelet styles are stretch bracelets that are easy to put on, chain link bracelets in adjustable sizes, cuff bracelets that are open on the underside and squeezable, bangles you slide your hand through, or hinged bangle bracelets that shape to the arm. All these styles can become tropical bracelets just by the type of finish used to create them, like wood bracelets; colorful, beaded bracelets; straw-weaved bracelets; natural stones; unusual metals, like copper; a palm leaf design; or a pineapple theme. Wearing a pineapple on your wrist will really put you in a tropical spirit. You can believe you’re on a beach under a pineapple tree!

Coastal Resort Style Bracelets

Beach House Gift Boutique is your place to shop for sea life bracelets. Browse for turtles, starfish, seahorses, sand dollars, dolphins, and mermaids (we consider mermaids to be a necessary part of the sea!). We believe we are mermaids on land and should wear mermaid bracelets and other mermaid jewelry. We also have a selection of coastal, tropical bracelets. Some of the things that fall into a coastal theme are pearls, shells, anchors, boats, beach sand, the moon, the sun, and gators. Alligators are coastal creatures and some people love to show off a gator now and then! Why not display one on your wrist with a gator bracelet?

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