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Christmas Tree Accessories

Decorating a coastal Christmas tree can be so fun! There are lots of tropical Christmas tree ornaments to add, but what makes an amazing beach Christmas tree are all the unusual Christmas tree accessories you can incorporate, including tropical Christmas tree skirts and special beach Christmas tree toppers.

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    One-of-a-Kind Christmas Tree Decorations

    When it comes to Christmas decor, there is an ocean of unlimited options to decorate a beach themed, tropical, nautical, or coastal Christmas tree.
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Find a Christmas Theme You Adore

Here at Beach House Gift Boutique, we like to get creative when it comes to decorating our tropical trees. Choose a theme and find all the Christmas tree accessories you can add to create your themed Christmas tree. You can accessorize a mermaid themed Christmas tree with cloth mermaid dolls, add sea coral garland with attached seashells, and add a light-up half moon as a tree topper. For a beach Christmas tree, besides all the traditional beach ornaments, tie on sea life stuffed animals of turtles, dolphins, octopus, and starfish, add string lights of sea shells or tropical fish, a coastal Christmas tree skirt, and top it off with a beach Christmas tree topper of a large jellyfish with tentacles hanging down around your tree.

Display Tropical, Nautical, or Coastal Christmas Trees

Why not create tropical trees with Christmas tree accessories of tropical birds, like pink flamingos, blue herons, pelicans, and seagulls with sprays of seagrass and string lights of palm trees? Or, a tropical cocktail Christmas tree, not only with different cocktails, but add a tropical Christmas tree skirt and a tiki bar at the top that makes a colorful and conversation starter tree! Choose a beach Santa tree—there are so many figurines to add of Santa having fun in the sun, enjoying water sports, or delivering packages with a seahorse sleigh, and there are lots of tropical elves to add extras to your Santa tree. Nautical trees have lighthouses, anchors, and ship wheels, and use a wooden sailboat with attached multi-colored Christmas lights as the tree topper. That’s amazing! Bring out the reason for the season with a beach angel tree with palm fond sprays and a nativity scene for a unique tree topper.

Get Creative With Your Christmas Decorations

Utilize string lights—they come in many shapes and themes, like pink flamingos, sea shells, turtles, lighthouses, starfish, and tropical fish. Tuck tropical sprays of flowers, palm leaves, seagrass, or sea shells attached to spray branches. Add coastal beach themed ribbons and garland hanging in spirals from the top of your tree. Choose large beach themed Christmas ornaments to make them stand out, find lightweight figurines in papier-mâché, wood, styrofoam, cloth dolls, or stuffed animals, and mount them on the branches of your tree. Put an emphasis on a statement-maker beach Christmas tree topper that will really make your tree stand out. How exciting!

Ready to create your beach Christmas tree? Browse around our beach shop to find many Christmas tree accessories, beach themed Christmas decor, and tropical gifts to fit any theme you love. Have fun!

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