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A Stuffed Animal to Cherish

You don't need to be a child to treasure stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are loved by both children and adults. From the infant stage of life, they are soft, comforting, and can be the security of a friend. Many people have had a stuffed animal that they carried from childhood to adulthood. In fact, many stuffed animals are collected by adults or used as home decor accents. At Beach House Boutique, we love sea life stuffed animals and tropical stuffed animals, like stuffed flamingos.

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    Decorate Your Home With Sea Life Stuffed Animals

    We hope you can feel like a child again and enjoy a cuddly, comforting stuffed animal. They make great pets, and you don't have to feed them!
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Stuffed Animals Make Comforting Decor

One of our most popular sea life stuffed animals is the sea turtle, but we also have a great demand for dolphin stuffed animals, manatee stuffed animals, stuffed ocean fish, stuffed seahorses, stuffed alligators, stuffed crabs, a stuffed octopus, and even stuffed starfish.

At Beach House Boutique, we love pink stuffed flamingos. After all, we do have a poem on the front of our website called "Flamingo In Paradise." There is something about flamingos that are so graceful and pretty. We do love all birds and have a selection of tropical stuffed birds. They really are fun to put around your house. Be creative and perch a stuffed parrot on top of a curtain rod—they do like to be up high. Or, place a stuffed seagull on a dock piling you are using as coastal decoration.

Stuffed Animal Favorites & Unusual Plush Animals

There are realistic sea life stuffed animals and whimsical ones. What are whimsical stuffed animals? They are fun and different, like pink stuffed dolphins, tye-dye sea turtle stuffed animals, blue starfish, and rainbow plush animals. In other words, they are something they are not, like stuffed animals that have long fur, wearing sunglasses with hair bows, glitter, or metallic fabrics. Sometimes you just want them to have a little character.

Not only do we have a sought-after selection of sea life stuffed animals, lots of stuffed turtles, and stuffed flamingos, but we carry unusual plush animals, like stuffed iguanas that are popular in Florida!

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