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Fun to Look At & Easy to Find

Women’s key rings should be colorful, so we can easily find them in our purses. Shapes, styles, and themes are important too. At Beach House Gift Boutique, we offer a selection of beach keychains that can easily be found in your purse. Just reach in for that special shape or pop of color in your bag!

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    Tropical Beach Resort Theme For Her & Her Home

    We have so many options available, so you can find something that fits your tropical vibes for boutique fashion or coastal living.

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    Quality Selection

    We know quality is important, so we make sure to offer you craftsmanship that will last the journey of time. Shop a large selection of products you will love to explore.

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    Sourced Worldwide

    Our product selection is from designers, artisans, and popular brands from all over the world. Experience unique products from destinations you’ve never been before.

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    Gifts For Women

    We have the best gifts for the travel savvy, resort ready, beach lover, coastal women. Gift cards and gift wrapping are available to complete your gift purchase and make it special.

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    Colorful Key Rings & Keychains

    We have unique and functional key rings and keychains in many useful styles and fun beach themes—all from your favorite designers!
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Fashionable & Functional Key Rings & Chains

If you’re headed to the beach or the pool, your beach keychain does not have to be a beach themed keychain, but it does need the right functions. It should be a unique keychain style that can hold your money, cards, ID, and key ring all in one. Our Consuela colorful key ring pouch has all those functions and is made of waterproof fabrics for the beach. Not only are the Consuela wallet  key ring pouches good to use in your tropical beach bag, but they are compact to use in your evening bag, as well.

Creative Styles From Your Favorite Designers

Our Lilly Pulitzer’s colorful key rings for women are available in many different styles. There are ID card case key rings, wrist strap key rings, initial key rings, and wristlet keychains. When you dangle a Lilly Pulitzer keychain on your wrist, you will feel a little special to show off the bright artwork with her metallic gold trimming and her logo that says I’m a “Lilly Pulitzer.”

The ili New York key ring line is one of the most colorful key rings available. There are so many choices of colors and multi-colored key rings that are all made from soft leather. Their unique keychains for ladies come in a car clicker keychain and in a small zippered coin purse key ring to keep a little cash handy wherever you go.

Mary Frances offers women’s beaded keychain rings with many beach themed styles and all are coin purse keychains. Her fancy ladies’ keychains are stylish enough to use alone without an evening bag. Take one of Mary Frances’s key rings with a clip for happy hour at the bar. You won’t have to find a place to hang your purse—you can clip your coin purse to you! Problem solved.

Cape Shore also offers women’s key rings with clips in coastal and beach keychain themes, like mermaids, turtles, flamingos, and boat-themed designs. Choose one of these to attach your boat keys to, and their key clips help to keep your keychain secure. If you do not have a functional women’s colorful key ring, we invite you to find the right key ring or keychain at Beach House Gift Boutique!

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