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What’s in a Women’s Tote Bag?

In coastal and tropical destinations, a tropical tote bag is a must. It can be used as a pool tote bag, a beach tote, a travel tote bag, a carry-anything tote bag, a shopping tote bag, or a women's tote purse. A coastal tote with the right design can be used for everything a woman needs.

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    We have so many options available, so you can find something that fits your tropical vibes for boutique fashion or coastal living.

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    We encourage you to shop at Beach House Gift Boutique for the best selection of tropical tote bags that have appeal, design, & durability, because every woman needs a tote bag.
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Let's Explore Tropical Tote Bags 

They must be colorful, because you want to be seen using a stylish bag. They should be the perfect size whether you use them at the beach, by the pool, take them on a picnic, pack them with groceries or other shopping goods, take food and drinks to a friend’s house, use them for children's toys, for your travel tote bag on vacation, or make one your handbag. To work with all of those uses, they need to be very durable.   

Durable, Waterproof, and Vibrant

Beach House Gift Boutique has a beautiful selection of tropical tote bags, and one of the most outstanding brands is the Consuela tote bags. Their classic tote bags are durable enough to withstand all the uses a women's tote bag requires. They are designed with a special trademarked ConsuelaCloth fabric that is super durable, waterproof, and available in vibrant colors and pretty patterns. The Consuela tote bag straps are thick and sturdy with leather handles. Their tote bags come in several sizes, so some can be used for tote purses or smaller sizes for tote lunch bags, but they make really great shopping tote bags.

Designs That Demand Attention

Spartina 449 tote bags make a wonderful coastal tote bag with intricate embroidery, fun fringe, tassels, and designs with attention to detail. They have durable fabrics and quality wood or leather handles that will last for years. The Spartina 449 tote bags make great resort totes with organized features, styles that can be a purse tote or a tropical tote bag, and designs that make a resort statement.

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