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Explore Sea Life Toys

In Florida, we love sea toys — that is, sea life themed toys designed with creatures that live in the sea, on the beach, or in the sky above it. Even mermaid toys are a part of things from the sea. Even if it is imaginary, some women believe that they are mermaids and want everything to fit a mermaid theme, including their toys. Discover all our mermaid themed and sea life themed stuffed animals and toys!

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    Plush Toys & Games for All Ages

    By far, the most popular sea life toys are stuffed animals. Whether it be for a child to hug and cherish or an adult to display around their home, plush sea life can be an amazing gift.
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Tropical Toys For Gifts or Vacations

At Beach House Gift Boutique, we have stuffed turtles, crabs, dolphins, sharks, octopus, whales, jellyfish, tropical fish, alligators, and more in both realistic and fun, colorful plush animals. We also offer stuffed tropical birds like flamingos, toucans, parrots, and seagulls — all in super soft plush that you can’t resist petting. Plus, they make great gifts, because who doesn't love a stuffed animal pet?!

But sea life toys are not just plush toys. There are tropical games that use sea life for the playing pieces, like a tic tac toe game with starfish and sand dollars as the "X" and "O"s. Take one of these games on your next cruise vacation, play it out on a sunny deck, and you'll make new friends when people walk by to ask, "Where did you find that?!" Sea life and tropical images can be found on a deck of cards, board games, backgammon, and outdoor games, like a tiki toss, which is a great toy for a tropical party. We also have water games and pool floats that are shaped like sea life. There is nothing better for a tropical vacation memory than a picture of you lazing on a flamingo float ring with a cocktail in hand!

Collector’s Mermaid Toys & Dolls

One of the best sea life toys are mermaid dolls. Beach House Gift Boutique supports mermaids! We have cloth mermaid dolls, mermaid collectible dolls by Madame Alexander, mermaid card games, craft kits, and puzzles. What we love about mermaids are their shimmery tails, long, flowing hair adorned with starfish, graceful swims, and how they are friends with all the sea life. They can talk to the crabby crabs and still remain relaxed and pleasant. Mermaid dolls and sea life toys go perfectly together, and you can find them at Beach House Gift Boutique, along with all our other tropical toys in our beach shop.

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