Beach Day Essentials

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Beach Day Essentials

Get ready for the best beach day experience with the right beach supplies. Find your beach day essentials by knowing what your day will entail, such as wind, water, heat, and sand. Be prepared for nature's elements and embrace them!

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    Get packed with beach gear from Beach House Gift Boutique for the best beach day ever. Don't forget a Lilly Pulitzer beach towel with a matching cooler tote bag for a fashion statement at the beach!
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Beach Day Necessities

If you are going to spend time at the beach, you will get thirsty and hungry. Make sure you have a beach cooler tote along with other beach day necessities, like beach towels, sun-protective lotions, sunglasses, swim goggles, chairs, beach umbrellas, tents, tables, and tropical beach bags to carry all your small beach supplies, like a water-resistant mini wallet and travel hand cleaners. Don't forget to bring towel clips and hair clips to keep things in place when the ocean breeze blows. Dress accordingly with rubber flip-flops, that the sand will easily wash off from, a beach cover-up, and a sun hat.

Start your beach day with what you will need to claim a spot on the beach and be comfortable. Number one would be a beach towel, probably two or three would be better. One to lounge on, one to keep your beach supplies sand free, and one to dry off with after a swim in the water. Beach House Gift Boutique offers a selection of tropical beach towels in different shapes and sizes, including round beach towels and beach towels for two. Our colorful beach towels are just what you need to claim your beach space and find it easily after a stroll.

Beach Day Pack List

Your best beach day pack list should consist of beach supplies that give you things to do. You can bring a book to read if you are looking for quiet time. Along with that, be sure to bring a pair of sun readers. You can also take beach balls, sand pails, and shovels to build sand castles, kites, binoculars, metal detectors, or something to collect seashells when you take a stroll on the beach. Bring things to use in the water, like swim boards, floats, snorkels, fins, and even underwater cameras for memories of your fun beach day.

Colorful Cooler Tote Bags

A beach cooler tote bag is just what you need for all your drink and food needs. Lilly Pulitzer makes bright, colorful prints and different sizes and styles of cooler tote bags that are lightweight and easy to carry. You can bring a small lunch cooler, a picnic backpack cooler tote, a wine bottle carrier bag, or an ultimate carry-all tote bag that can hold just about everything. Don't forget to pack your insulated tumblers, drink can huggers, sand caddy drink holders, and a bottle opener. With your beach supplies, bring an extra beach tote to use as a garbage bag for your used food packages, cans, and bottles. Let's keep the beach clean for the next beach lover that will use your space when you leave!

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