12 Beach Vacation Gifts to Cherish Your Summer Memories

12 Beach Vacation Gifts to Cherish Your Summer Memories

Published by Beach House Gift Boutique on Jul 7th 2023

    There’s a quote about living life, taking photos, and reliving memories. While true, it’s not enough to just settle for snapping souvenir pictures during your vacation. Reminisce your fun summer memories一without browsing your phone or camera一by getting these 12 beach vacation gifts.

    1. Beach Sand Jewelry

    blue beach sand jewelry bracelets

    Do you like taking beach sand home as a souvenir? Well, it would be nicer if you could sport it around your body, as well. With beach sand jewelry, this is entirely (and fashionably) possible. Whether you opt for earrings, a bracelet, or a necklace, this tropical gift idea will make you revel in warm summer memories wherever you go. 

    2. Stuffed Animals

    green and pink tie-dye dolphins

    Cherish your memorable trip in a plush, cozy way with a sea life stuffed animal. Place this beach vacation gift near the vacation portraits in your living room, or put it on your bed alongside your other decorative pillows. Wherever you decide to put it, a cute stuffed animal will make you think about your recently-concluded vacation一and plan for a new one!

    3. Beach-Themed Keychains

    sequined turtle key ring and coin purse

    Are you looking for a gift idea that you could easily slip into your carry-on bag? Then, a colorful key ring or keychain is one of the best options available. These portable gifts come in various designs, from a giant turtle to a mythical mermaid. With this small yet functional item, you get to relive your summer trip whenever you enter your house or start the car.

    4. Colorful Coin Purses

    turtle and starfish coin purse set

    Recount your lovely vacation every time you pay for something with a resort-inspired coin purse. This beach vacation gift idea is beneficial for keeping your loose change at bay. It’s compact and easy to lug around too, so you can bring several in your bag without worrying about having overweight luggage. 

    5. Beach Bags

    beach bag with slippers and seashells

    Tropical beach bags are not just for vacation; they’re also suitable for daily use. If you’re looking for a useful tropical gift idea, then this one's for you. Colorful and stylish, this roomy tote can easily fit your laptop, tablet, water bottle, and many other essentials inside. 

    6. Tropical-Themed Tops

    colorful top with sea turtles

    Channel the resort vibe一even at home一with a tropical women’s boutique top. A colorful-printed blouse should be at the top of your list for a casual day out, while a solid-colored top is perfect for more ‘formal’ functions. The latter is a versatile beach vacation gift that can be worn at work or at play. 

    7. Summer Hats

    summer hat with seashells

    Protect your face from UV rays while strolling down vacation memory lane with a vibrant resort tropical hat. Pair this tropical gift idea with a sunny top and beach sand jewelry for a look that’s right out of your vacation snapshots! 

    8. Resort Flip Flops

    clear flip-flops with tropical design

    Although resort flip-flops are often worn during summer escapades, they make for fantastic footwear too. If you’re looking for a practical beach vacation gift, then a pair of summery flip-flops is a great choice. 

    There are a lot of styles, colors, and designs to choose from, so they’re sure to fit whatever fashion philosophy you have. You can also wear it wherever一whether you’re going to the supermarket, the mall, or whatever location that calls for a laidback style.

    9. Beauty Gift Sets

    colorful tropical bar soap gift set

    Find it hard to decide amongst the many beauty gift ideas out there? Get the best of several worlds by getting your hands on an all-in-one beach vacation skincare gift set

    A bar soap set, for example, will make you feel like you’re bathing in clear beach waters, even when you’re only going for a relaxing bath in your tub. The same goes for a body mousse set, which can hydrate your skin with comforting, beach-inspired scents.

    10. Coastal-Scent Candles

    beach soy wax travel candle

    Smell the sea一like you did when you were on vacation一with beach-themed scented candles. These tropical gift ideas will surely fill up every corner of the house with vacation-reminiscing scents, such as coconut, watermelon, and tropical flowers. 

    11. Sea Life Figurines

    blue turtle LED light figurine

    Sea life figurines are delicate decorative accents that make for excellent beach vacation gifts. Cherish your snorkeling trips with a starfish or sea turtle figurine, or reminisce about the time you saw wildlife with a dolphin or manatee figurine. A boat-inspired decor, meanwhile, can serve as a beautiful reminder of your romantic sailing trip. 

    12. Resort-Style Lighting

    sea life theme bottle light

    Shed light in your home (literally) with beach themed lighting. A standing or hanging lamp is a terrific gift idea that’ll add some tropical vibes to your living room or bedroom, while a seahorse or sea coral-designed nightlight will prevent you from tripping during middle-of-the-night bathroom trips.

    The beach vacation gift ideas above will surely make you cherish your fond summer memories. But if you don’t have time to get one from the gift shop, worry not, for you’ll find all sorts of garments, trinkets, and home goods right here at our beach shop. Explore our many vibrant, tropical-style products today.