Beach House Hostess Gifts To Make You the Talk of the Party

Beach House Hostess Gifts To Make You the Talk of the Party

Published by Beach House Gift Boutique on Aug 10th 2023

Hosting guests for a dinner party, holiday celebration, or other social gathering takes a substantial amount of time and skill. While it’s not required, it’s always incredibly thoughtful to bring the hostess a small token of appreciation for their efforts. 

The art of gift giving is difficult enough for birthdays or Christmas but can be even more so with a hostess gift because these gifts are usually something that they’d use for entertaining. Of course, it should also be meaningful and suit their beach-loving style. Rather than opting for the expected bouquet of flowers or box of chocolate, try for one of these beach house hostess gifts that’ll make you the talk of the party (and season!).

Tropical Candle

beach house hostess gift candle

Candles are a favorite gift idea when visiting friends, and for good reason. Thoughtful and timeless, tropical candles are a multi-purpose gift that can be used for everything from self-care to unique beach themed home decor. They’re also great for any occasion. Wishing them a happy holiday? Celebrating a housewarming? Candles are beach house hostess gifts that effortlessly demonstrate your appreciation for all they’ve done to make the party special. 

Make sure to pay close attention to the scent of your beach hostess when candle shopping. Fresh, fruity, and warm fragrances like tropical melon, sandalwood, and bergamot will help transport her to her favorite coastal vacation spot without ever leaving home!

Beach Themed Dishes

coastal sea life glass salad plates

Giving dishes as a beach house hostess gift may seem utilitarian, but that’s not the case when they feature beautiful coastal-themed prints and shapes! One look at bowls, plates, or a platter reminiscent of their last tropical resort vacation, and your hostess won’t want to put these coastal serving dishes away. One of the best hostess gift ideas for a dinner party or housewarming, beach themed dishes will make for excellent party conversation starters, coastal decor accents, and go-to kitchen goods.

Wine Glasses

stemless wine glass with flamingos

Almost every guest arriving with a beach house hostess gift is likely to be carrying a bottle of wine in that beautiful gift bag. It’s a gift idea that makes total sense when visiting friends, especially for a dinner party. However, it can also be a tricky gift if you don’t know the type of wine your hostess prefers. There’s no need to give up on a wine-themed gift for your beach hostess, yet. Complement those other bottles of wine by choosing a coastal wine glass that’s perfect for happy hour! Fun, stemless wine glasses or a decorative stemmed wine glass are not only a practical hostess gift idea for a dinner party but an extremely thoughtful item they’ll keep coming back to long after the party’s over. 

Kitchen Towels

coral reef seahorse kitchen towel

It’s always hard for coastal women to find kitchen towels that fit their style and personality. In a sea full of neutrals, your beach house hostess will love opening her gift and discovering a kitchen towel in a vibrant, tropical style! Equal parts functional and meaningful, stunning linens & towels make a great addition to their collection or as a starter set in a new home. Whether you create your own set by choosing multiple complementary styles or pair it with another beach themed gift, this is one gift idea that’ll guarantee a future party invite.

Self-Care Gift Set

pedicure sampler gift set

If you need a hostess gift idea for a dinner party that doesn’t stick to the traditional idea of what a hostess gift should be, a beauty gift set may be just what you’re looking for. A great gift idea when visiting close friends for a Christmas or social dinner, these spa products express a deeply personal thank you for hosting and appreciation for your friendship as a whole. 

Since this is a beach house hostess gift that’s best reserved for those with closer relationships, consider the type of self-care your friend or family member is in need of or a bundle you know they’d love. After the party’s over, she’ll be relaxing just like she’s at a world-class coastal resort and spa.

Tropical Christmas Decor

mimosa tree ornament hanging from Christmas tree

While others are dreaming of a white Christmas, your beach house hostess is dreaming of warm sand, clear blue skies, and even bluer water! If you’re heading to a holiday party and want to stay in the theme, tropical Christmas decor is a fun beach house hostess gift sure to make you the talk of the party. Featuring sea life, seashells, and the vibes of island summers with a dash of Christmas magic, vibrant and tropical Christmas ornaments are how you do holidays on the coast. 

Personalized Beach House Hostess Gifts

Finding beach themed gift ideas when visiting friends for an upcoming dinner party or holiday gathering is a (sea) breeze with the personally curated collections at Beach House Gift Boutique. Explore our vibrant, tropical gifts at our beach shop today!