Gifts For Busy Women: 7 Must-Have Accessories for On the Go

Gifts For Busy Women: 7 Must-Have Accessories for On the Go

Published by Beach House Gift Boutique on Jun 12th 2023

Woman traveling with her tote bag on the beach

We all know a busy woman – maybe that’s even you. She’s always on the go, moving non-stop from one thing to the next each day. It’s well past time she got treated with a gift that she’ll love and fits perfectly with her on-the-go lifestyle. From accessories she’d never get for herself to stylish & practical items, here are the top seven must-have gifts for busy women.

1. A Carry-All Bag

Tropical Spartina backpack

Every busy woman needs a carry-all bag that’s reliable, roomy, and helps keep everything organized. No need to struggle lugging around a laptop, chargers, and other must-haves with a cute backpack at the ready! The busy woman in your life can’t just have any bag; she needs something that’s stylish, modern, and brings the beach to her, no matter where she is. Colorful and beach themed, a Spartina backpack is the perfect bag for work, school, and travel, providing plenty of room for all of a busy woman’s tech and daily necessities.

Not a fan of backpacks? Spartina tropical tote bags are one of the best gifts for busy women who want a bag that’s more practical for their lifestyle. Since it’s just as roomy and vibrant, she’ll be set from busy days to relaxing vacations!

2. Unique Keychains

A busy woman’s bag is just as packed as her daily schedule. She needs a gift that’s functional with a dash of style. Spartina keychains have got her covered for all three, providing a super easy way to consolidate her keys and add beach vibes to each day. There’s no need to dump everything out of her Spartina backpack to find her keys with this eye-catching gift! Even if she doesn’t have a lot of keys to keep track of, colorful key rings are great gifts for busy women to express individuality and tropical resort style.

3. Wine Glasses

Sometimes, the best gifts for busy women are the ones you know they’d never get for themselves. Everyone could go for a little self-care, even if it’s just for a moment. Nothing says self-care like a special beverage in a fun, stemless wine glass! She won’t be able to resist pressing pause on her busy day with vibrant Lilly Pulitzer wine glasses in tropical styles and colors. When she settles in and picks up her glass, she’ll feel like she’s been transported straight to her favorite beach resort destination.

4. A Fun & Practical Planner

beach themed Lilly Pulitzer planner

Staying on top of everything she has to do requires some serious time management skills. Make things a little easier on the busy woman in your life with a planner from Lilly Pulitzer. Easy to throw in her Spartina backpack or tote, having a planner tucked away will help her schedule every meeting, appointment, errand, and event so each day stays on track. Lilly Pulitzer accessories have such cute tropical themed styles, so she’ll always want to pull out this planner – even if she doesn’t have anything to schedule!

5. Cosmetic Bags

Floral Spartina cosmetic bag

Much like keys, no one wants to struggle to search through their bag looking for makeup for a midday touch-up. Tropical makeup bags are one of the most convenient gifts for busy women that need to save a little time and bag space. Smaller cosmetic bags are extremely versatile and can be utilized to fit the needs of every kind of busy woman. Though they are usually used to fit makeup, they also work perfectly for travel toiletries or easily-lost items, like bobby pins and hair ties. For a unique gift, you can pair a cosmetic bag with a Spartina keychain so she can customize her bag!

6. A Breezy Scarf

Spartina printed floral scarf

One of the best gifts for busy women is a scarf. Though they seem simple, scarves are for so much more than cool weather. In addition to keeping her warm when it’s a little chilly, they’re an effortless way to add a chic touch to any outfit. Even a basic tee can turn into a completely stylish ensemble in an instant with a beach resort scarf from Spartina 449 clothing.

7. Tropical Themed Stationery

You can’t underestimate the usefulness of great stationery from top brands. While her Lilly Pulitzer planner is going to help get time management and productivity in order, stationery is the gift for busy women that takes care of everything else, from helping with writing important dates in calendars to keeping up with correspondence. Things like pen sets and thank you notes are super beneficial to have tucked away in her Spartina backpack or tote so she doesn’t need to stop off at the store on top of all the other things on her to-do list.

The Best Gifts for Busy Women

No need to stress out over what to get the busy woman in your life. Whether you’re getting her something she needs or a way to indulge in some self-care, Beach House Gift Boutique has gifts that she’ll love. Explore vibrant tropical styles at our beach shop today!