It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere: Winter & Summer Happy Hour Outfits

It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere: Winter & Summer Happy Hour Outfits

Published by Beach House Gift Boutique on Dec 4th 2023

It’s time to unwind and head out for happy hour! Whether you’re looking to impress friends with your effortless beachside style or want a few resort chic happy hour outfits that’ll take you straight from summer to winter, use our guide to find your perfect happy hour fashion.

Easy Elegance

woman wearing tropical pink wrap dress

Let’s be honest: while we all definitely want to be the epitome of head-turning beach style, we don’t necessarily want to put in too much time getting there. How do you achieve the seemingly unachieveable? Dresses! One of your new go-to summer happy hour outfits, women’s resort dresses are made to offer ease and elegance. Strap on your favorite fashion sandals and a pair of beach earrings, and you’re ready to go!

Dresses aren’t just for summer. Turn this look into a winter happy hour outfit by layering a resort style sweater or elegant coat over your dress!

Casual Cool

woman wearing pink jean shorts and tropical themed top

Looking to tone down your happy hour outfit for a more casual outing? Take your beach style shorts and pair it with one of your cutest boutique tops in a tropical color or print, then accessorize it with statement-making beach sand jewelry to complete the look! 

You have tons of options that’ll create your perfect casual chic summer happy hour outfits – and it all comes down to how you accessorize. Go completely neutral with the colors in your ensemble to let your coastal clutches shine. Take your look from the beach to the bar by layering stunning beach themed necklaces and adding a stylish jacket. Have fun with your happy hour outfit!

Polished Winter Chic

woman sitting wearing denim fringe jacket and printed beach pants

You don’t need to be at the beach on a cloudless sunny day to enjoy beach style. You can still put together stylish winter happy hour outfits when the weather drops with a few key pieces: boutique pants, tops, and beach themed jackets

This is where you get to play around with your personal style! If you feel most at ease on a tropical beach, go for pants in a vivid color and a neutral top or one that accents the color(s) in the pants. If you have coastal style, stick to coastal themed colorways that include sand, powder blue, and light sea green. Keep your sea life jewelry, scarves, and other accessories simple to let your happy hour outfit speak for itself!

Stylish Comfort

woman wearing floral fringe skort and white blouse

No need to sacrifice comfort to create a gorgeous summer happy hour outfit. A beach wardrobe staple, tropical skorts are comfortable, easy to wear, and uber-stylish. Pair one with a breezy top for a relaxed look, or tuck in your blouse for a more dressed-up feel. 

Want to take things up a notch? Finish off your happy hour outfit with a tropical hat to exude confidence.

Happy Hour Fashion

Create your own beach themed style for happy hour, coastal getaways, and everything in between with the beach resort clothing in our shop. Explore vibrant tropical colors now!