Unique Ornaments: Tropical Christmas Tree Decorations

Unique Ornaments: Tropical Christmas Tree Decorations

Published by Beach House Gift Boutique on Nov 15th 2023

Create your own tropical Christmas paradise regardless of what the weather forecast says with unique ornaments that celebrate the season and your love of the beach. Here are a few of our favorite tropical Christmas tree decorations that we love – and we think you will, too!

Colorful Christmas Tree Ornaments

Vibrant Palm Tree Ornaments

colorful metallic glass and gold palm tree unique ornaments

Who doesn’t love to see ornaments hanging from their Christmas tree? With their sparkle, shine, and captivating beauty, they’re the perfect encapsulation of the season. The only way they could possibly get any better is with a beach theme like colorful palm trees! We love beach themed Christmas ornaments because they’re unique and have eye-catching colors that remind us of the tropics. 

Festive Flamingo Ornaments 

pink flamingo ornaments in party hats

A personal favorite that is near and dear to our hearts—and definitely on our Christmas trees every year—are flamingo ornaments. These come in different shades of pretty pink with festive party hats, feathers, sea grass, and so many more themes!

Tropical Bird Christmas Tree Ornaments 

tropical colorful bird ornaments

Keeping up with the tropical theme, you can’t go wrong with colorful, rainforest decor! Use these unique ornaments to make your home a true tropical paradise filled with beautiful color, tropical flowers, and lively nature that brings your space to life!

Beachside Santa Ornaments

a unique tropical santa ornament

Nothing says tropical Christmas like a beach Santa ornament, especially one holding a fruity cocktail! Keep your tree relaxed, carefree, and remind you that it's 5 o’clock somewhere with fun beach Santa Christmas tree ornaments!

Beautiful Mermaid Ornaments

beautiful mermaid ornaments

If bright and tropical is a bit too much for you, try out more of a coastal, mellow beach themed vibe! Think pretty shells, glittering mermaids, and gorgeous sea life – but make it Christmas. 

Bonus: They make for a one-of-a-kind tropical gift for the beach lover in your life!

Since no Christmas tree is the same, we recommend using color to your advantage. Coastal Christmas trees work well with simplicity and a limited palette of blue, white, and sand, while a tropical Christmas tree would look fantastic with bold designs and colorways.

Christmas Tree Accessories

Sea Life Christmas Tree Skirts

sea turtle blue Christmas tree skirt

Your unique ornaments don’t get all the attention! After all, the beauty is often in the details. Christmas tree accessories will soon become your new favorite tropical Christmas tree decorations for all that they can do for your tree. Tired of the plain white tree skirt that you’ve used every Christmas for the last decade? A sea life themed tree skirt is the finishing touch your tree has been missing. 

Christmas Tree Sprays

gold magnolia leaf Christmas tree spray pick

Our favorites are Christmas tree spray picks, though. Want to make your Christmas tree look fuller? Christmas tree sprays add an unexpected shine and make your tree – real or not – seem big, multi-colored, and full of life when you place them in open spaces between branches. 

Beach Christmas Figurines

tropical gingerbread candy house

It may be Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. Deck the (tropical) halls with beach Christmas figurines along your mantel, on the table next to beach-loving Santa’s plate of cookies, or even at the foot of your Christmas tree on the skirt. The great thing about this beach Christmas decor is that it also makes a great Christmas gift or a birthday gift for a beach lover with an end-of-year birthday!

Our favorites are the unique ornaments that bring the Christmas theme to the beach. Rather than the traditional red and green we’re used to for the holiday, these tropical Christmas tree decorations feature bright and vivid colorways. Flamingo pink, ocean blue, and seaweed green make us feel like we’re on a sunny beach vacation on Christmas. 

If you have a classic coastal aesthetic instead of tropical, we recommend that you go for more muted colors like pink rose, sand, and sky blue. 

Sleigh the Holiday

With unique ornaments in tropical colors and styles, you can turn your Christmas tree and home into your very own beach themed wonderland. Shop the personally curated collections in our beach shop and check out our beach themed Christmas tree decorating tips & ideas for more inspiration!