Vendula London

Unique Vendula London Purses

Exciting, fun, outrageous...Vendula London handbags are jaw-dropping amazing! Carry a Vendula London bag with you anywhere you go, and you will be sure to get stopped and asked about your bag. “Who made it?” Where did you get it?” Why? Because they were created to be unusual handbags that will turn heads.

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    Matching Purses & Wallets to Adore

    Continue to amaze people when you pull out a matching Vendula London wallet of your already awesome Vendula bag.
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Creative, Shaped Purses

The Vendula London purses started as fun-shaped purses of London buildings and stores, but their popularity has caused the line to grow. They have added bags with fun themes that people love, like nautical themes. Along with their purses, they have matching Vendula London wallets and coin purses. Their handbags and accessories are made of vegan leather and have many dimensional attachments, like rope, buttons, chains, and moving store doors. Their colors are both neutral and bright—something for everyone! Both the Vendula purses and colorful wallets come in various sizes, from mini to large. They are all lightweight, so fill them up with your treasures and hit the town!

Shop Collectible Purses

One thing to really note about Vendula London purses is when you find one you want, buy it now, because they are made in a limited production time, meaning when they are gone, they are gone. That is one of the reasons the Vendula London products have become collectible. People are always searching for the ones they missed. Don’t wait! Shop for your Vendula London bag and matching wallet now at Beach House Gift Boutique.

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